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technical service :MR. Wang
mobile:+86 15054596188

International Trade :Miss Cao
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International Trade:MR Wang
mobile:+86 15054596188

International Trade :Miss Cao
mobile:+86 18606387907

Address: Zhoucun District, Zibo, ShandongThe southern suburbs of the town Qingzi road Fang Industrial Park

Zi bo Hua ChenFan Blower Limited Company which was founded in 1999, mainly designs and manufactures Centrifugal fans and Axial flow fans which are applied to industrial systems,The main products of our company are gas pressure fan, mine fan, stainless steel fan, titanium alloy fan, industrial high temperature centrifugal fan, kiln fan, boiler fan, pulverized coal fan, fire exhausting fan, wear-resistant fan, corrosion resistant fan, all kinds of non standard fan and so on.

We master mature fan designing, testing, manufacturing technology, and can design and manufacture multipurpose fans according to users' requirements. So, we are able to meet users' complex and professional applications. Hua Chen Fan products have been widely used in thousands of customers' industrial systems, such as Coal-fired power, Metallurgy, Papermaking, Cement and Glass production, Chemical industry, Material handling, Sewage treatment, Waste incineration, Subway ventilation, Industrial boiler and Dust removal systems etc.

At present,Hua ChenFan Blower' s customers distribute in these countries:
EUROPE: British, Denmark, Italy, Romania, Russia, Ukraine.
AMERICA: USA, Mexico, Peru.
ASIA: China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam.
AFRICA: Egypt, Tanzania.

If you are interested in our products or services, please contact us. We look forward to establishing trade relations with you.


Please enter the technical parameters you want to my email.

  1. Model Number  :            
  2. Quantity :           sets         
  3. Total pressure   :              Pa
  4. Flow   :                 m³/h
  5. Motor type power :         KW (Do you need explosion protection)
  6. Gas temperature:                
  7. Corrosiveness of gas:             material:              。( HCl 1% gas concentration SUS304 OR C276)
  8. Speed :           r/min
  9. Driving Mode : Coupling ; pulley ; direct moter connection.
  10. Installation dimension/picture/turn around:                   
  11. Receving address/port:                            .
  12. FOB  or  CIF  :            
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